Zhejiang University of Finance and Economic

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

General Notes: Different from Zhejiang University.

Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies (Expire 6 years after approval date)

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
C++ Language Programming (90hrs) EECS 183 4 09-28-22 Add
Corporate Finance (3) See Notes
Some overlaps with IOE 201 & IOE 452, but not identical to either. NON-IOE students can recieve IOE 300-level dept. credit (3cr), but IOE students must not take this course to satisfy requirements in their IOE degree.
09-03-22 Add
Database Application Basis (4) Not Transferable to EECS
Also called "Basis of database application". Not equiv to any EECS classes. Better to take EECS 285 or 485 at UM.
09-08-22 Add
MATH Advanced Mathematics (I) ; Advanced Mathematics (II) (2 courses) () MATH 215 12-31-24 Add
MATH Functions of Complex Variables () MATH 500-level dept 12-31-24 Add
MATH Linear Algebra A () MATH 214 08-30-22 Add
MATH Mathematical Analysis B 1 () MATH 185 12-31-25 Add
MATH Mathematical Analysis B 2 () MATH 451 12-31-25 Add
MATH Probability (or Probability and Statistics) () MATH 425 12-31-24 Add
MATH Statistics () MATH 400-level dept 12-31-25 Add
Python Programming (3) ENGR
Course in Python. Missing C++ & Matlab. Recommendation to CPA to count as ENGR 101, but not as a prerequisite for EECS 280. Not recommended as ENGR 101 for EECS students. Students should consult w/ their program advisor regarding degree requirements.
100-level dept 08-15-24 Add

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