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General Notes: 50-64: Satis & 0-49: Failure are no transfer credit

Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies (Expire 6 years after approval date)

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
014103 Intro to Engineering Mechanics (4 credits) Not Transferable to MECHENG
Covers the first half of ME 211. Missing axial/torsion loadings and bending of beams; stress/strain relationship; 3D stress/strain; Mohr’s circle; stress/strain transformation; beam deflection. No ME dept. credit.
07-31-22 Add
014305 Enviromental Engineering Lab (2.5) CEE
For CEE the closest match is CEE 366, but this course is not directly equivalent to that. It an be CEE 300-level departmental credit (2.5cr).
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
300-level dept 2.5 05-16-22 Add
014609 Mechanization in Construction (2.5) CEE
The closest course to this is CEE 534 which is 400/500 level (3cr). This course is not a direct equivalent to that. For CEE students this can be 2 credits of Technical Elective or 2 credits of General Elective.
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
400-level dept 2 05-16-22 Add
016213 Hyrdaulic Engineering (2.5) Not Transferable
Possible CEE 400-level department credit. Submit syllabus, sample exams, etc to
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
05-16-22 Add
034010 Dynamics (5 credits) See Notes
Detailed information needed for review. 1. Listing of lecture topics 2. HW problem questions 3. Exam questions Submit material to for re-evaluation requests.
08-18-22 Add
034035 Thermodynamics I (4 credits) MECHENG 235 3 08-20-22 Add
046195 Introduction to Machine Learning (3) EECS
Not exactly EECS 445.
300-level dept 3 04-24-25 Add
046200 Image Processing and Analysis (3) EECS
Not EECS 442. This class is more about image compression and image processing. Related to, but quite different from EECS 442.
300-level dept 3 03-08-25 Add
104131 Differential Equations (2.5) MATH
Course may omit nonlinear systems.
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
200-level dept 2.5 07-12-22 Add
114051 Physics 1 (3) PHYSICS
Course does not include: Fluid Statics and Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Waves, and Sound. As such the coverage is estimated to be about 65% of UM's Physics 140, and therefore would not qualify for transfer equivalence to PHYSICS 140.
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
100-level dept 3 03-28-22 Add
234126 Introduction to Computer Language C (4) See Notes
There is no pre-evaluation for EECS 280 at UM. AFTER taking the course, the student may request evaluation for EECS 280 equivalence. The eval will involve an interview, test, and/or programming assignment. Contact for details
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
03-25-22 Add
236506 Modern Cryptology (4) EECS
Equivalency expired! Submit for reevaluation.
300-level dept 4 11-19-19 Add
236607 Solving complex computational problems using graphic cards (3) EECS
Equivalency expired! Submit for reevaluation.
300-level dept 3 11-22-19 Add
324879 Introduction to Contemporary Israeli Society (2) JUDAIC 300-level dept 2 HU 01-24-25 Add
Neubauer Professional Internship (3) ENGR 196 1 01-21-25 Add

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