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Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
Bilingual Course of Structural Mechanics (4) Not Transferable
This course cannot be accepted as equivalent to CEE 212. It does contain some overlap with CEE 211, CEE 212 and CEE 312, but it is not equivalent to any of them.
12-31-33 Add
Civil and Engineering Materials (2.5) Not Transferable
Not enough overlap with CEE 351 or CEE dept level.
08-31-34 Add
Engineering Economics (1.5) Not Transferable
The course cannot be considered as equivalent to CEE 331 as the credit hours seem to be too low and this is reflected through the class content.
12-31-33 Add
Engineering Geology (1.5) Not Transferable
This course has very little in common with CEE 345 and would be a valuable course if taken in addition to CEE 345
12-31-33 Add
Engineering Survey (3) Not Transferable
This course is a surveying course and would not be equivalent to CEE 366 in any way. We do not have a course in our department for which this would be an equivalent.
12-31-33 Add
Fluid Mechanics (1.5) Not Transferable
In order for this course to be evaluated for CEE 325, please email additional course materials of detailed list of course topics and examples of exams, assignments, projects, etc.
12-31-33 Add
Introduction to Computational Thinking (3) ENGR 100-level dept 3 12-31-32 Add
Mechanics of Materials A (bilingual) (4.5) CEE 212 4.5 12-31-33 Add
Outline of Civil Engineering (1) CEE 200 1 12-31-33 Add
Theoretical Mechanics (B) (3) Not Transferable
In order for this course to be evaluated for CEE 211, please email additional course materials of a detailed syllabus and/or set of assignments.
12-31-33 Add
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