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Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
CST 210173 Database Principle and Application Development (4) EECS 200-level dept 4 08-31-26 Add
CST 210213 Assembly Language Programming (32) ENGR
The course, CST 210213, is ENGR 101x, can count for ENGR101 credit, but not as a pre-req for EECS 280. The course covers the programming language Assembly Language, is not C/C++, and is given at a level that is roughly equivalent to ENGR 101.
100-level dept 3 12-31-26 Add
CST 210233 Numerial Methods (32) EECS 200-level dept 3 12-31-26 Add
CST 210254 Data Structures and Algorithms (48) EECS 200-level dept 4 12-31-26 Add
CST 210654 Basic Programming (4) EECS 183 4 08-31-26 Add
CST 210663 Mobile Application Development (2) EECS 200-level dept 2 08-31-31 Add
CST 210692 Advanced Programming (3) EECS 183 3 08-31-26 Add
CST 300033 Introduction to Data Science (3) ENGR 100-level dept 3 08-31-31 Add
CST 300034 Multimedia Technology and Application (3) Not Transferable 08-31-31 Add
CST 300353 ACM Programming Contest (3) Not Transferable 08-31-26 Add
EST 210073 Digital Circuit (3) EECS 270 4 08-31-31 Add
Language Programming (C Language) (4) EECS
Course in C. Credit for only one: EECS 183 or ENGR 101. This course has no Matlab. Check with your program advisor about attending an online or on-campus Matlab tutorial before enrolling in courses that assume knowledge of Matlab.
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
183 4 08-31-24 Add
MATH Advanced Mathematics A-1 + A-2 () MATH 116 12-31-24 Add
MATH Advanced Mathematics A-1 () MATH
For reevaluation requests, submit detailed topics list or exams directly to U-M Math Department.
100-level dept 12-31-24 Add
MATH Advanced Mathematics A-2 + Mathematical Competition () MATH 215 12-31-24 Add
MATH Advanced Mathematics A-2 () MATH
If taken with Mathematical Competition, then MATH 215. Provided information is insufficient to evaluate the course as equivalent to the University of Michigan mathematics course. Other information such as a detailed topic list or exams should be submitted. In particular, depth of coverage of the vector theorems of calculus is not clear, nor is coverage of cylindrical and spherical coordinates and Lagrange multipliers.
200-level dept 12-31-24 Add
MATH Linear Algebra B () MATH
MATH 214 if taken prior Fall 2018. The material covered in the course omits significant components of the University of Michigan mathematics course.
200-level dept 12-31-26 Add
MATH Mathematical Competition () MATH
If taken with Advanced Mathematics A-2, then MATH 215. This course is very advanced, and students who have taken this course should be placed by the Math department.
200-level dept 12-31-24 Add
MATH 210013 Linear Algebra A () MATH 214 12-31-24 Add
MATH 210033 Proability and Statistics () Not Transferable to MATH
For potential transfer credit, consider submitting this to the Department of Statistics.
12-31-24 Add
MATH 210173 Discrete Mathematics (4) Not Transferable 07-26-26 Add
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